HKSI presentation

10th June 2011

On 10 June, I gave a presentation to some 180 members of the Hong Kong Securities Institute (HKSI), on “what makes a successful IPO”.

The event, which was co-ordinated by Mr Teddie Chung, Senior Manager and Head of the HKSI’s Membership Department, was a sell-out and lasted for about an hour and a half.

Attendees included a wide cross-section of industry professionals, among which were investment bankers, brokers, private equity and venture capital professionals, investment and asset managers, lawyers, corporates, and a variety of specialist advisers.

The event was also attended by members of the Board of Directors of the HKSI, including Mr Ringo Chiu, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of CITIC Securities International, and Mr Trini Tsang, Director and General Manager of Wocom Holdings Limited.

I was first introduced by Mr John Maguire, an HKSI Member and former Managing Director of OSK Asia Capital Limited, who had agreed to chair the seminar. I then gave the presentation to the HKSI members, before taking a few questions from the audience.

The event was followed by a book signing, and I was also very kindly presented with a plaque in appreciation of my support to the Institute.

A few photographs of the event are set out below (credits for all photos: HKSI):

- The audience, awaiting the start of the presentation -

- The author, before the start of the presentation -

- Mr John Maguire and the author -

- The author, presenting to the audience -

- The author, signing copies of the book after the presentation -



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