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Espinasse on CNBC’s “The Call”

30th October 2012

I was interviewed this morning by anchors Bernie Lo and Emily Chan on CNBC’s programme “The Call” on the IPO trading debut for Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical in Hong Kong.

How lock-ups really mess the stock up

29th October 2012

Everyone knows that Hong Kong’s IPO market is going through tough times. New deals are rare, depriving punters of a once favoured way of betting on equities and generating quick gains.

Not what the doctor prescribed – but close enough

22nd October 2012

Last week, I wrote about the delay in the launch of Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical’s long awaited equity offering in Hong Kong. As was expected at the time, bookbuilding finally started on October 16 for what is an accelerated timetable (on account of the upcoming bank holiday) that will now see pricing on October 24, and listing and start of trading on October 30.

Espinasse on Astro Malaysia’s IPO

19th October 2012

I was invited on Bloomberg Television again this morning for a live interview on Astro Malaysia’s IPO debut in Kuala Lumpur – and on Asian IPOs generally – with anchor Rishaad Salamat in the “On The Move Asia” show.

It’s all in the timing

15th October 2012

Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical last week pushed back the launch of its US$600 million Hong Kong initial public offering from 11 October to, most likely, 15 October – possibly putting it on track for an accelerated marketing timetable. (See my prior column in Money Post on 30 April).

HKSI 2012 Career Day

9th October 2012

On 29 September 2012, I presented at the Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute (HKSI) to a total of 67 young graduates about to work in the field of finance.

Huishan in play to milk Hong Kong investors

8th October 2012

Milk maker Liaoning Huishan Holdings, also known as Huishan Dairy, has reportedly invited investment banks to submit proposals to lead a Hong Kong initial public offering projected at a size of up to US$1 billion.

Hong Kong’s IPO misery continues

1st October 2012

Hong Kong’s IPO drought continues. According to data from Thomson Reuters, the year to date has seen a respectable 42 new listings on the local bourse. But these offers combined raised only US$5.5 billion.



I have set up this blog to report notable events on international IPOs.

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