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Crouching tiger vs. Hidden Dragon?

7th August 2014

As Hong Kong’s financial marketplace becomes increasingly reliant on the Chinese mainland for its IPOs, Singapore’s big opportunity perhaps lies with international issuers – and those from Southeast Asia in particular.

WH Group trading debut interview

5th August 2014

I was on BBC Television’s Asia Business Report again this morning, interviewed by Hong Kong correspondent Juliana Liu.

Yuan IPOs in Hong Kong still face a long march

16th July 2014

Amid renewed IPO activity in Hong Kong, carrier Hong Kong Airlines is believed to be working on a yuan-denominated new listing of up to US$500 million equivalent. If confirmed, this would make it only the third issuer there to list shares in Chinese currency.

Will WH Group piggyback on HK’s wave of IPOs?

9th July 2014

Amid more deals coming to market in recent weeks, there has been much talk about a potential re-launch in Hong Kong of WH Group’s IPO, a deal that was famously pulled last April after a mammoth syndicate of 29 bookrunners failed to secure interest from investors.

Chinese investment banks on the rise

17th June 2014

I gave a video interview to Asia banking reporter Enda Curran from the Wall Street Journal.

Has the Singapore IPO market lost its mojo?

2nd June 2014

A quick glance at the SGX’s website shows that only six new listings closed on the Main Board since the start of the year.

In the emergency room

10th May 2014

The recent overhaul of Hong Kong’s IPO regime has arguably resulted in better quality issuers coming to market.

WH Group’s IPO: Drowning by numbers

4th April 2014

Another week, another Hong Kong IPO with a silly number of bookrunners on the tombstone.



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