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He who pays the piper calls the tune

10th December 2016

Or so the saying goes. Not in China, it seems.

Asian IPOs go binary

11th January 2015

2014 has come and gone, with a fairly honourable tally for Asia’s busy ECM desks. According to Dealogic, last year’s ECM volume on Asia ex-Japan exchanges, and excluding China’s A-share markets, was just under US$135 billion, more than in each of 2013 and 2012.

Indian GDRs no longer make a splash

29th August 2014

The ice bucket challenge has been all the rage on social media recently, but Indian GDR issuers have been taking a cold shower for quite a while longer.

Financial Times article

3rd April 2012

I was quoted in an article in the Financial Times by Paul J. Davies, Robert Cookson and Sarah Mishkin entitled “Investors hang fire over Asia’s IPO pipeline”, on 2 April 2012.

Citi draws (some) curtains in India with HDFC sale

5th March 2012

HONG KONG (Dow Jones Banking Intelligence) – Citigroup Inc.’s sale of its remaining stake in Housing Development Finance Corp (HDFC) comes as no surprise amid rising markets combined with a pressing need to find extra capital. Other Western firms have already been there in China over the last couple of years. Meanwhile Asian houses are seizing the opportunity to grow, on the back of their Western peers’ renewed asset dumps.

Stock repurchases not the best way to use capital

26th September 2011

The past few weeks have seen widespread announcements of share buy-backs, as companies, often with net cash balances, take advantage of a depressed market to pick up cheap stock.

HKEx to admit issuers from more jurisdictions

24th January 2011

HKEx released on 11 January 2011 details for the second year of its 2010-2012 strategic plan. This includes, among other things, plans to allow issuers from more countries to list in Hong Kong. India and South Africa are specifically mentioned.

Asian ECM globalization crosses (small) milestone

7th January 2011

HONG KONG (Dow Jones Investment Banker) – Asian equity issues have recently seen explosive growth but, in some countries, few foreign investors can buy shares in a domestic listing. The successful sale of a Taiwanese IPO to foreign investors last week is another step in the right direction.



I have set up this blog to report notable events on international IPOs.

These include particularly remarkable transactions, changes in market practice (whether pertaining to documentation, valuation or marketing techniques) and regulations, as well as appointments in the sphere of equity capital markets (ECM).

Although the blog has a bias towards the Asia-Pacific region, since this is where I am based, it is intended to be global in both its scope and outlook.

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