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Has the Singapore IPO market lost its mojo?

2nd June 2014

A quick glance at the SGX’s website shows that only six new listings closed on the Main Board since the start of the year.

HK investors give foreign issuers cold shoulder

13th March 2014

Fast Retailing, the Japanese owner of fashion brands Uniqlo, Theory, Comptoir des Cotonniers and Princesse tam.tam, listed depository receipts in Hong Kong on March 5.

Report on cross-border IPOs

28th November 2012

I participated, alongside 14 other professionals, in a study for an in-depth report from PwC and Baker & McKenzie (coordinated by consultancy Meridian West) on cross-border IPO trends.

HKEx does some Seoul searching

10th September 2012

A hardly noticed piece of news was released by the Hong Kong exchange on August 30: companies incorporated in South Korea will now be allowed to list in Hong Kong. Korea will accordingly join a list of 19 other jurisdictions now recognised by the exchange – on top of the mainland, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and, of course, Hong Kong itself.

Murder on the Orient Express

2nd July 2012

Last week saw a little noticed event in the cosy world of investment banking, with Russian (and emerging markets) firm Renaissance Capital calling it quits, and closing its offices in both Hong Kong and Beijing after only two years on the ground in Asia.

Making the deals fly

20th January 2012

A guest column I wrote for the China Economic Review.

2011 was a year marred by extreme volatility in markets, an earthquake and tsunami that disrupted global supply chains, renewed inflationary worries in Asia and, above all, the near collapse of the euro zone.

In ECM, local is beautiful

22nd November 2011

HONG KONG (Dow Jones Investment Banker) – The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong’s growing effort to secure international listings speaks volumes about the possible threat posed by the Shanghai international board – when it eventually happens. Recent attempts, however, have been disappointing and HKEx should take stock of Kuala Lumpur’s (KL’s) Bursa Malaysia. Staying local has proved worthwhile.

HKEx conference on listing of European companies

12th November 2011

On 3 November 2011, I gave a presentation at the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (HKEx) on opportunities for listing European companies there. The presentation was organized at the initiative of the European Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and of the EU Business Information Programme (EUBIP).



I have set up this blog to report notable events on international IPOs.

These include particularly remarkable transactions, changes in market practice (whether pertaining to documentation, valuation or marketing techniques) and regulations, as well as appointments in the sphere of equity capital markets (ECM).

Although the blog has a bias towards the Asia-Pacific region, since this is where I am based, it is intended to be global in both its scope and outlook.

Please use the contact form above to report an IPO story or an ECM development.


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