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The end (of rights issues) is near

28th September 2017

The reason why HKEX now proposes to introduce changes to the way some primary equity offerings are conducted is, it says, “to address recent concerns about certain share issuance transactions that might not afford a fair treatment of shareholders, or an orderly market for securities trading”.

Citi draws (some) curtains in India with HDFC sale

5th March 2012

HONG KONG (Dow Jones Banking Intelligence) – Citigroup Inc.’s sale of its remaining stake in Housing Development Finance Corp (HDFC) comes as no surprise amid rising markets combined with a pressing need to find extra capital. Other Western firms have already been there in China over the last couple of years. Meanwhile Asian houses are seizing the opportunity to grow, on the back of their Western peers’ renewed asset dumps.



本人建立这个博客的目的是报告国际 IPO 领域的重大事件。

包括主要交易、市场惯例的变化(关于文书编制、估值或营销技巧等)、监管规定及股权资本市场 (ECM) 的人员任命情况等。

请填写上面的联系表,与我们讨论 IPO 案例或股权资本市场的发展。


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