"Philippe Espinasse is Mr IPO. There is no greater authority on the Asian new listings market"

-Jasper Moiseiwitsch
South China Morning Post


"Philippe knows the IPO process inside out. Just as importantly, he explains complex concepts in clear and simple prose"

-Robert Cookson
Financial Times


"...an easy-to-read insider guide, packed with sample correspondence and documents... Good read for new practitioners"

-Shuli Ren, Emerging Markets Columnist


"When, what and how to talk to an investment banker to safeguard your interests (over theirs) and avoid common pitfalls. ‘Mr IPO' has outdone himself with this rare, honest and meticulous 'self-help' book for companies/issuers planning to traverse the multi-faceted and complex IPO route"

-Anita Gabriel, Senior Correspondent
The Business Times


"Philippe, an ex-banker, is an expert on Asia’s initial public offering scene, and has incisive thoughts on a dynamic and fast-moving sector that for many banks was the main revenue source for years.  He has seen the market shift from being dominated by a few local brokerages, especially in Hong Kong, to one where foreign banks—from Wall Street and European banks held sway, to the increasing role of Chinese players in the market. Philippe’s book with real-life examples on the behind-the-scenes IPO process will be a useful guide for banks and companies navigating one of the world’s most dynamic regions for raising capital

-Nisha Gopalan
Financial Journalist