Year: 2010

How the book came to be / Part 2

[continued from previous post]

By then, most of the agents I had contacted had declined representing me. Many never replied at all. I had also received a number of declines from publishers – either because the manuscript didn’t fit their list, because they didn’t like my style or approach, or only specialized in college or university textbooks. However, some publishers asked to be sent the entire manuscript for review by external readers – mostly academics and published authors. The reviews were positive and I started receiving more offers. read

How the book came to be / Part 1

It will have taken about a year between when I started writing “IPO: A Global Guide” and when the book will finally be available for sale in bookshops next year. In fact it will probably have taken a while longer since I had started with some on and off research work in the previous year. Writing a book is always something I had at the back of my mind, so it was good to finally have some time to put pen to paper. read