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SGX increases thresholds for IPOs

HONG KONG (Dow Jones Banking Intelligence)— Singapore Exchange Ltd (the SGX) has just introduced a new set of rules for admission to listing on its main board. This makes perfect sense and also addresses one of the exchange’s key weaknesses: a lack of liquidity caused by the presence of too many smaller, and lower quality, issuers. Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) should take notice. read

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Sunshine Oilsands’ IPO breaks new ground

HONG KONG (Dow Jones Banking Intelligence) – Selling shares in renowned branded product companies to Asian investors is one thing. But the IPO of Canadian energy firm Sunshine Oilsands Ltd on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong will break new ground. Sunshine Oilsand’s assets are primarily in North America – 465,000 hectares of oil sands leases in the Athabasca region, in northern Alberta, Canada – with reserves and resources (as of July 1, 2011) totaling 45.4 billion barrels of best estimates petroleum initially in place. read

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Sunshine Oilsands battles Hong Kong’s quicksands

A proposed US$500 to US$700 million initial public offering by Sunshine Oilsands is bearing down on Hong Kong investors, which would make it the largest IPO globally so far in 2012. The roadshow is set to start today (February 6) and pricing is slated for February 14. The company is based in Calgary, Canada. Just what is it doing tapping Hong Kong investors for funds?


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