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The double edge of Glencore’s cornerstones

The total number of shares subscribed for by cornerstone investors in Glencore’s IPO, which is targeting proceeds of about US$10 billion (excluding a 10% over-allotment option), is expected to represent approximately 31% of the global offer, assuming the overallotment option is not exercised. The US$3.1 billion tranche therefore represents one of the largest cornerstone books by value ever achieved for an IPO. But there are consequences to the practice, which could come back and haunt the issuer as well as other investors in the company. read

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Digging deeper into Glencore’s IPO

HONG KONG (Dow Jones Investment Banker) – As chatter increases, Glencore International AG remains tight-lipped about its IPO plans. Some of what has filtered over the last few days, however, offers a clue as to what its US$10 billion to US$15 billion offering and dual listing might look like, and suggests it could come next month, just before the Easter break.


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UBS provides sartorial advice to Swiss staff

Forget WikiLeaks. Today’s bombshell is an internal presentation by banking giant UBS that provides advice to some of its front-office employees in Switzerland on how to dress and groom themselves for success. read