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HKEx does some Seoul searching

A hardly noticed piece of news was released by the Hong Kong exchange on August 30: companies incorporated in South Korea will now be allowed to list in Hong Kong. Korea will accordingly join a list of 19 other jurisdictions now recognised by the exchange – on top of the mainland, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and, of course, Hong Kong itself. read

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Citi draws (some) curtains in India with HDFC sale

HONG KONG (Dow Jones Banking Intelligence) – Citigroup Inc.’s sale of its remaining stake in Housing Development Finance Corp (HDFC) comes as no surprise amid rising markets combined with a pressing need to find extra capital. Other Western firms have already been there in China over the last couple of years. Meanwhile Asian houses are seizing the opportunity to grow, on the back of their Western peers’ renewed asset dumps. read

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Samsung Securities – Hong Kong swan song

HONG KONG (Dow Jones Banking Intelligence) – Korean brokerage Samsung Securities Co. has now effectively largely shut down its international operations in Hong Kong – at the behest of its parent – following a major expansion just two years ago. At the same time, Japan’s Daiwa Securities Group Inc. and Mizuho Financial Group Inc. announced deep cuts in their overseas operations, totalling 200 and 300 redundancies respectively. We look at the reasons why – and at what’s in store for Asia’s smaller capital markets players. read

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A good year – getting better – for Asian convertibles?

HONG KONG (Dow Jones Investment Banker) – It’s gone largely unnoticed against the background of some eye-catching equity deals in Asia in the first half of the year – including the listings of Glencore, Hutchison Port Holdings Trust, Samsonite and Prada S.p.A. – and the recent market meltdown, but 2011 has so far been a pretty good year for convertible bonds.


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Hong Kong – The space for SPACs?

HONG KONG (Dow Jones Investment Banker) – The US$1.44 billion IPO and listing in February on the London Stock Exchange of Justice Holdings Ltd. marks something of a revival for special purpose acquisition companies. It raises the question: Why are SPACs yet to make it big in Asia, which last year accounted for more than 54% by volume of IPOs globally? They could do well in Hong Kong in particular.


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Asia needs resurgence in infrastructure funds

HONG KONG (Dow Jones Investment Banker) – It only stands to reason. Asia’s insatiable appetite for investments in transportation, utilities, communication and social infrastructure assets should have created a wealth of opportunities for dedicated, listed funds. Few, however, have tried to tap this burgeoning market, and those that have taken the risk have shown poor returns.


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