Book launch

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“IPO: A Global Guide” was formally launched on 15 April 2011 at Kelly & Walsh in Exchange Square in Hong Kong. The event was well attended, and saw the author signing a number of copies of the book. The attendees came from a variety of backgrounds and included, among others, ECM bankers, research analysts, traders, company directors, lawyers, investors, students and journalists.

Ms. Meryl Chan, Manager of Swindon Book Group, first welcomed participants. M. Michael Duckworth, Publisher of Hong Kong University Press, subsequently introduced the author and the book, and then handed over to Philippe Espinasse, who explained the genesis and development of the project, before sitting down for a busy signing session.

A few photos of the event are set out below:

- The author with a display of the book -
- M. Duncan Bell, from UBS ; the author and M. Michael Duckworth, from HKU Press -
- The author talking about the book -
- HKU Press's Michael Duckworth introducing the author and the book -
- The author talking to guests. On the left, M. Tony Yue from Nomura -
- The author signing a copy for Mrs Christina Moss -