3rd edition of ‘IPO: A Global Guide’

The 3rd edition, published by Hong Kong University Press, is now in print and will be available for purchase shortly.

This book explains the key aspects of executing an international IPO. Packed with useful tips, it
reviews rules and market practices from the US to Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific
region. Real-life case studies are used to illustrate all aspects of conducting an IPO, including
documentation, valuation, as well as marketing issues.

This new edition has been the subject of a complete and detailed revision, including new information
pertaining to market developments. Some topics, such as spin-off offerings, SPACs, listing
requirements, and due diligence have also been further expanded while some 15 additional IPOs
have been included as examples to illustrate various aspects of new offerings.

It is most suitable for entrepreneurs, chief executives, and CFOs of companies about to be floated,
investor relations professionals, family offices, private equity, hedge fund and institutional investors,
and finance students. It will also be of interest to market practitioners such as investment
bankers in mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, or equity capital markets departments,
private bankers, as well as equity salespeople, traders, and research analysts.

The book will appeal to those generally interested in financial markets and equity capital markets in particular.

IPOs remain one of the most fascinating aspects of financial markets, but also one of its least understood. Espinasse has written a must-read primer for anyone interested in how IPOs work and what makes for a successful one. Read this book—and learn from one of the best
—Herald van der Linde, CFA, chief Asia equity strategist at HSBC and author of Asia Stock
Markets: From the Ground Up

This third edition of IPO: A Global Guide provides a very readable, in-depth, and extremely well structured guide and roadmap to the complex world of IPOs. It is laced with examples from across many markets and provides excellent practical advice and guidance on all aspects of the IPO process based on the author’s substantial experience
—Mike Trippitt, founder of Michael Joseph Consulting and banking expert

A clear guide for anyone in the business of IPOs. It breaks down a complex subject into something simple and concise
—Narayanan Somasundaram, regional finance editor of Nikkei Asia