HKEx to admit issuers from more jurisdictions

, , Hong Kong, India, South Africa

HKEx released on 11 January 2011 details for the second year of its 2010-2012 strategic plan. This includes, among other things, plans to allow issuers from more countries to list in Hong Kong. India and South Africa are specifically mentioned.

HKEx reiterated that it welcomes applications from all companies interested in listing in Hong Kong, provided that they are able to meet its listing requirements.

In addition to holding listing promotion events in the Mainland, HKEx has stated that it will continue to visit overseas markets to promote the benefits of listing in Hong Kong.  Several overseas trips are already planned for this year to promote its markets, including visits to Australia, Canada, Europe, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Russia, South America and Taiwan.

HKEx plans to expand its international listing base further by accepting more overseas jurisdictions as places of incorporation for listed issuers, including India and South Africa.

Last year, the Listing Committee approved the US State of California, Brazil, the Isle of Man, Japan and Italy as recognised jurisdictions, bringing the total number of recognized jurisdictions to 15.

This is in addition to the four jurisdictions stipulated in the Listing Rules, namely Hong Kong, Mainland China, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands.