‘New look’ website

Those of you among the 21,000-odd return visitors to this website will have noticed a few changes since it first became active in December 2010.

First and foremost, my new book, “IPO Banks: Pitch, Selection and Mandate“, to be published by Palgrave Macmillan in June 2014, has been added. Readers can now view the cover, read an overview of the book as well as the introduction and the list of contents, and even see endorsements already gathered from journalists at the likes of the Financial Times, Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post, Singapore’s Straits Times or Barron’s. The back cover and the index will be added as the typesetting is finalized. The book can readily be ordered in advance from the publisher and from online platforms such as Amazon (see “Buy the book“).

Final cover

Second, a new tab entitled “Events & Media” has been added at the top of the home page, to facilitate an easier search of my media appearances, and of events linked to one of the books or my writing and consulting activities.

Third, the Chinese language translation has been beefed up, as about 10-12% of the 42,000 or so unique visitors to this website are now accessing it in simplified Chinese characters.

The blog, obviously will remain active, with a few new posts every month.

Happy reading!